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Meta-Analysis class (FISH 7350) publications

Student authors are bolded

  1. Hershey, H. In press. Updating the consensus on fishway efficiency: a meta-analysis. Fish and Fisheries. (PDF)

  2. Eckert, J., M. Carrisosa, and R. Hauck. 2021. Network meta-analysis comparing the effectiveness of anticoccidial drugs and anticoccidial vaccination in broiler chickens. Veterinary Parasitology 291:109387. (PDF)

  3. Benfer, N., L. Spitzer, and J. R. Bardeen. 2021. Efficacy of third wave cognitive behavioral therapies in the treatment of posttraumatic stress: A meta-analytic study. Journal of Anxiety Disorders 78:102360. (Website)

  4. Correia, H. E., A. Abebe, and F. S. Dobson. In press. Multiple paternity and the number of offspring: A model reveals two major groups of species. BioEssays (PDF)

  5. Suire, K. B., J. Kavookjian, R. Feiss, R., and D. D. Wadsworth. 2020. Motivational interviewing for weight management among Women: a meta-analysis and systematic review of RCTs. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2020:1-14. (PDF) 

  6. Guo, J., Y. Bao, R. Davis, A. Abebe, A. E. Wilson, and D. A. Davis. 2020. Application of meta-analysis toward understanding the effect of adding a methionine hydroxy analog in the diet on growth performance and feed utilization of fish and shrimp. Reviews in Aquaculture 12(4):2316-2332. (PDF)

  7. Myers, J. N., A. Senior, V. Zadmajid, S. R. Sørensen, and I. A.E. Butts. 2020. Associations between ovarian fluid and sperm swimming in marine and freshwater teleosts: a meta-analysis. Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture 28(3):322-339. (PDF)

  8. Grabowsky, A. and L. Weisbrod. 2020. The effectiveness of library instruction for graduate/professional students: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Research 15(2):100-137. (PDF)

  9. Powers, M. J., A. E. Wilson, K. B. Heine, and G. E. Hill. 2020. The relative importance of various mating criteria in copepods. Journal of Plankton Research 42(1):19-30. (PDF)

  10. Galkanda-Arachchige, H., A. E. Wilson, and D. A. Davis. 2020. Success of fishmeal replacement through poultry by-product meal in aquaculture feed formulations: a meta-analysis. Reviews in Aquaculture 12(3):1624-1636. (PDF)

  11. Ayipio, E., D. Wells, A. McQuilling, and A. E. Wilson. 2019. Comparisons between aquaponics and conventional hydroponic crop yield: a meta-analysis. Sustainability 11:6511. (PDF)

  12. Abebe, A., H. E. Correia, and F. S. Dobson. 2019. Estimating a key parameter of mammalian mating systems: the chance of siring success for a mated male. BioEssays 1900016. (PDF)

  13. David, K. T., A. E. Wilson, and K. M. Halanych. 2019. Sequencing disparity in the genomic era. Molecular Biology and Evolution 36(8):1624-1627. (Website)

  14. McKenzie, B. A., A. E. Wilson, and S. Zohdy. 2019. Aedes albopictus is a competent vector of Zika virus: a meta-analysis. PLoS ONE 14(5):e0216794. (Website)

  15. Heine, K. B., A. Abebe, A. E. Wilson, and W. R. Hood. 2019. Copepod respiration increases by 7% per degree °C increase in temperature: a meta-analysis. Limnology and Oceanography Letters 4(3):53-61. (Website)

  16. Chalkowski, K., A. E. Wilson, C. A. Lepczyk, and S. Zohdy. 2019. Who let the cats out? a global meta-analysis on risk of parasitic infection in indoor versus outdoor domestic cats (Felis catus). Biology Letters 15:20180840. (PDF) (see the complete Altmetric list; New York Times article; Newsweek article; MSN article)

  17. Bird, G., C. Kaczvinsky, A. E. Wilson, and N. B. Hardy. 2019. When do herbivorous insects compete? A phylogenetic meta-analysis. Ecology Letters 22:875-883. (PDF) (2019 College of Agriculture Outstanding Publication Award)

  18. Roth, J.  2019. Sylvatic plague management and prairie dogs - a meta-analysis. Journal of Vector Ecology 44(1):1-10. (Website)

  19. Wadsworth, P., A. E. Wilson, and W. C. Walton. 2019. A meta-analysis of growth rate in diploid and triploid oysters. Aquaculture 499:9-16. (PDF)

  20. Martinez, A. S., J. R. Willoughby, and M. R. Christie. 2018. Genetic diversity in fishes in influenced by habitat type and life-history variation. Ecology and Evolution 8:12022-12031. (PDF)

  21. Dobson, F. S., A. Abebe, H. Correia, C. Kasumo, and B. Zinner. 2018. Multiple paternity and number of offspring in mammals. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285:20182042. (PDF)

  22. Delaney, M., A. ArchMiller, D. P. Delaney, A. E. Wilson, and E. J. Sikora. 2018. Effectiveness of fungicide on soybean rust in the southeastern United States: a meta-analysis. Sustainability 10:1784. (PDF)

  23. Weaver, R. J., E. S. A. Santos, A. M. Tucker, A. E. Wilson, and G. E. Hill. 2018. Carotenoid metabolism strengthens the link between feather coloration and quality. Nature Communications 9:73. (Website) (Clarivate Analytics Web of Science Highly Cited Paper)

  24. Novriadi, R. 2017. A meta-analysis approach toward fish meal replacment with fermented soybean meal: effects on growth performance and feed conversion ratio. Asian Fisheries Science Journal 30(4):227-244. (PDF)

  25. Merkle, J. and M. Phillips. 2018. The wage impact of teachers unions: a meta-analysis. Contemporary Economic Policy 36(1):93-115. (PDF)

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  27. Hrycik, A. R., L. Z. Almeida, and T. O. Höök. 2017. Sub-lethal effects on fish provide insights into a biologically-relevant threshold of hypoxia. Oikos 126(3):307-317. (PDF)

  28. Kollock, R., K. Games, A. E. Wilson, and J. Sefton. 2016. Vehicle exposure and spinal musculature in military warfighters: a meta-analysis. Journal of Athletic Training 51(11):981-990. (PDF)

  29. Munsterman, A. S., J. J. Kottwitz, and R. R Hanson. 2016. Meta-analysis of the effects of adhesion barriers on adhesion formation in the horse. Veterinary Surgery 45:587-595. (PDF)

  30. Kollock, R., C. Andrews, A. Johnston, T. Elliott, A. E. Wilson, K. Games, and J. Sefton. 2016. A meta-analysis to determine if lower extremity muscle strengthening should be included in military knee overuse injury prevention programs. Journal of Athletic Training 51(11):919-926. (PDF)

  31. McGill, J., F. Adler-Baeder, and P. Rodriguez. 2016. Mindfully in love: a meta-analysis of the association between mindfulness and relationship satisfaction. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension 4(1):89-101. (PDF)

  32. Koch, R. E., A. E. Wilson, and G. E. Hill. 2016. The importance of carotenoid dose in supplementation studies with songbirds. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 89(1):61-71. (PDF)

  33. Goessling, J. M., H. Kennedy, M. T. Mendonça, and A. E. Wilson. 2015. A meta-analysis of plasma corticosterone and heterophil:lymphocyte ratios - Is there conservation of physiological stress responses over time? Functional Ecology 29:1189-1196. (PDF)

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  36. Kollock, R., K. Games, A. E. Wilson, and J. Sefton. 2015. Effect of vehicle-ride exposure on cervical pathology - a meta-analysis. Industrial Health 53:197-205. (PDF)

  37. Games, K., J. Sefton, and A. E. Wilson. 2015. Effect of whole-body vibration on blood flow and muscle oxygenation: a meta-analysis. Journal of Athletic Training 50(5):542-549. (PDF)

  38. Newcomer, B. J., P. H. Walz, M. D. Givens, and A. E. Wilson. 2015. Efficacy of bovine viral diarrhea virus vaccination to prevent reproductive disease: a meta-analysis. Theriogenology 83:360-365. (PDF)

  39. Havird, J. C., R. P. Henry, and A. E. Wilson. 2013. Altered expression of Na+/K+-ATPase and other osmoregulatory genes in the gills of euryhaline animals in response to salinity transfer: a meta-analysis of 59 quantitative PCR studies over 10 years. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part D: 8(2):131-140. (PDF)

  40. Lucier-Greer, M. and F. Adler-Baeder. 2012. Does couple and relationship education work for individuals in stepfamilies? A meta-analytic study. Family Relations 61:756-769. (Web link)

  41. Logan, S. W., L. E. Robinson, A. E. Wilson, and W. A. Lucas. 2012. Getting the fundamentals of movement: A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of motor skill interventions in young children as assessed by the test of gross motor development. Child: Care, Health & Development 38(3):305-315. (PDF)

Meta-analyses from past students in my course.  Student authors are bolded. 

  1. Davis, R. P., C. E. Boyd, and D. A. Davis. In press. The utility of discriminant analysis to determine the geographic origin of commercially important seafood and aquaculture species: a meta-analysis. Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture (Weblink)

  2. Bird, G., A. E. Wilson, G. R. Williams, and N. B. Hardy. In press. Parasites and pesticides act antagonistically on honey bee health. Journal of Applied Ecology

  3. Iverson, E. N.K., R. Nix, A. Abebe, and J. C. Havird. 2020. Thermal responses differ across levels of biological organization. Integrative and Comparative Biology 60(2):361-374. (Weblink)

  4. Durkett, E., A. Gillen, J. Kottwitz, and A. Munsterman. 2020. Meta-analysis of the effects of lidocaine on post-operative reflux in the horse. Veterinary Surgery 49(1):44-52. (Weblink)

  5. Havird, J. C., J. L. Neuwald, A. A. Shah, A. Mauro, C. A. Marshall, and C. K. Ghalambor. 2020. Distinguishing between active plasticity due to thermal acclimation and passive plasticity due to Q10 effects: Why methodology matters. Functional Ecology 34(5):1015.1028. (Weblink)

  6. Gillen A., J. Kottwitz, and A. Munsterman. 2020. Meta-analysis of the effect of treatment strategies for nephrosplenic entrapment of the large colon. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 92:103169. (Weblink)




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